Paul Rumsey Photography & Digital Art

Commercial Photography Information

Welcome to Paul Rumsey's commercial page where you can find out more about commissioning his photography and digital artwork.

The following is in the form of Q&A in order to assist answering your questions.

How can I purchase your work?
There are two commercial sites where the artwork & photography of Paul Rumsey is available. The following links will take you there.
Both sites have been set up to ease purchasing.  Both are through trustworthy third parties.  If you are not happy with the pricing structure.  For example just want a print without a frame and live in the UK you can contact me directly by email and I will be happy to work with you, sourcing through the company I use for my commercial work.

What do you specialize in?
Corporate portraiture & small company promotional work, lifestyle photography and promotional books & video.  Paul Rumsey photography does not currently do wedding photography but all other events are considered.  Please contact Paul Rumsey directly by email.

Where do you work and do you charge travel fees?
Most of my work is done in London & the South East UK.  Photo shoots within 15 miles of Horsham West Sussex area do not have travel fees. For shoots outside of this radius, there is an additional travel fee of 0.50 pence per/mile (after the first 15 miles.)

If I contract your services will my photos be featured on any of Paul Rumsey's Photography websites?
All clients are asked to sign a “model release,” allowing photos from your photo shoot to be included in our portfolio and advertising.

Who owns the final images?
Paul Rumsey Photography retains copyright on all images. At his discretion some commercial work may include photo reprint rights, but this does not mean that you own the images, only that you are permitted to reprint them in accordance with the terms of the package.